how to

Turn Your Content Into Customers

Without Chasing the Latest Trends, Algorithm Changes, or Spending All Your Time on Social Media…

(Even if you have a tiny following and without burning out.)


So you took the leap and started your dream business to finally have the Freedom to pursue your God-given calling and make a bigger impact…

but this content marketing thing feels overwhelming, stressful and straight0-up confusing. 

You’re piecing together advice from 7 YouTube channels & 3 podcasts that
give you confusing & contradicting advice…

Don’t fret, my friend – I got good news.


You’re not alone

Especially when every single day there’s a new shiny object to pursue…And so you start wondering:

“Do I need to consider jumping in on TikTok?”

“Maybe I need to just double down on Instagram!”

Or “launching a podcast is definitely the right move!”

it’s no wonder most of us are overwhelmed, stressed, and barely staying consistent with our Content.

And let’s not even get started with the never-ending algorithm changes to keep up with.

Every time you feel like you’re finally nailing a marketing channel, everything changes and it feels like you’re back to square one.

So what if I told you that… it’s not your fault – and there’s a DIFFERENT approach to Content Marketing that not only cuts your Creation Time in half…

But also helps you stay Consistent AND turn more Followers into Leads and Sales for your Business?


Because what really works in Content Marketing isn’t growth-hacking the latest social media platform or finally cracking the code on pesky algorithms.

It’s first developing a Content System that takes your Content Creation and posting time down to as little as a few Hours Per Week…

Creating strategic content that connects with your Ideal Customers at a deeper level to get them hyper-engaged…

Having a proven method to take people from Followers to Leads…

And then knowing exactly what to do to turn Leads into Paying Customers.

Setting yourself up to win from the start by building a Community of Superfans of your brand and Buyers of your products or services.

THOSE are the things that move the needle faster in your company.

THOSE are the things that accelerate your momentum and attract your
Dream Clients and Customers.

Which in turn, makes Content Marketing less about being ‘Popular’ and more about being Profitable.

And the best news?

Anyone can do it!

And we’ve trained over 33,000 Business Owners (just like you) how to build Smart Content Marketing Systems to achieve it!

Because I’m willing to bet that FINALLY having a clear and concise Roadmap to build your profitable business would…


Eliminate distractions and allow you to focus on what’s working instead of just trying new things.


Remove Unnecessary Stress & Anxiety (you’d no longer be spinning your wheels trying to decide which marketing strategy is going to be ”the one” that helps you profit).


Close the BIG lag in your income (helping you follow through on income-generating strategies instead of trying to filter through confusing advice from 17 different blogs, podcasts and courses).

In an age where cheap clicks, fake followers, and vanity metrics are the hype, it’s no wonder why most entrepreneurs are totally lost.

It can feel impossible to grow when you don’t have a clear plan to build a business that allows you to serve at your highest level and make a fantastic income while you’re at it.

I want to provide you with that plan…and give you permission to let go of what hasn’t been working and try something new!

Growing a profitable online business didn’t come with a handbook…until now!


Your Marketing Success Path to connecting with dream clients online and driving profits…

It’s so much more than “just another program” because inside, you’ll access a Full Business Action Plan Customized to the specific stage you’re in, so you never have to wonder which relevant business or marketing strategy to master next and what to ignore grow your following, grow your leads, and grow your brand.

It’s time to drown out the noise, and get serious about only working on the content marketing strategies that will help you reach your goals.

So whether you’re thinking of a business idea or you’re ready to scale up your brand, you’ll access the very blueprint we’ve helped over 32,000 Business Owners in over 50+ Countries navigate.


The Business Lounge program is designed to accelerate your success and save you years of painful trial and error.

And if anything inside you knows that with a little focus, and the right guidance you’ll move mountains, I hope you’ll stick around.

I want to teach you how to build a conversion-focused, heart-based brand that makes you an amazing income and leaves your mark in the world.

What MakesUs Different?

After working with 10,000+ entrepreneurs inside The Business Lounge and countless hours of coaching and research, we’ve developed a world class content strategy navigation map.


Think of The Marketing Success Path 2.0 like the GPS of your
marketing & business strategy.

When you come into the program, you’ll identify which stage you’re in, and begin a custom curriculum of short, bite-sized videos that will give you:


✅ Precise CLARITY and DIRECTION to build your content marketing system…
✅ What strategies to work on in YOUR stage, and what to avoid ❌
✅ A custom-action plan for building your content marketing system FASTER.


Whether you don’t have a business yet, or you’re making multiple-six figures, The Marketing Success Path 2.0 will meet you wherever you’re at.

Take A Peek Inside

But The Marketing Success Path 2.0
is just the beginning..

We’re supporting you at EVERY step…

Our Social Community App

Our incredible social app, tailor-made for dynamic and determined business owners like yourself!

Whether you’re craving lively discussions, immersive workshops, or inspiring internal podcasts, our platform is your go-to destination. Tune in to our exclusive monthly internal podcast, join and collaborate through our discussion forums and connect with fellow business owners like yourself all from your phone!

Here’s How It Works
When You join

Value ($999)

Our Proven Framework:

The Marketing
Success Path 2.0

Creating content and selling online doesn’t come with a handbook, so we created one! Get clarity and build your content system in 5 stages.

✔ Find YOUR Stage In The 5 Stage Success Path to building your content marketing system and grow your leads & sales seamlessly through content!

✔ Get Short, Bite-Sized Videos, And Plug-And-Play Templates to build your content marketing system easier and faster.

✔ Know Exactly What To Work On Based On Your Business Model and where you’re at in your content marketing journey.

Value ($6,999+)

The Course Library:

30+ Content Creation Courses

We’ll teach you all the business + marketing skills.

✔ Dive instantly into the step-by-step process for mastering your marketing + business skills inside our ever-growing library of 30+ specialized marketing & business courses.

✔ Whether you’re brand, spankin’ new to the business world or a seasoned marketer, our courses will help you build a foundation and take your marketing game to the next level.

✔ Plus, each course builds on the next, so you won’t find contradicting or confusing advice.

Value ($999)

Implement In Real Time:

Live Monthly Workshops

We’ll train you along the way and help you implement.✔ With LIVE, monthly workshops where we help you bust through obstacles and give you personalized business advice, you’ll never feel stuck or alone.

✔ Find an accountability partner to bounce ideas with, implement new strategies and get motivated to complete projects.

✔ Take our certification tests after completing our core courses and build your marketing portfolio.

Value ($499)

Join The Community:

Get Plugged In

Get personalized feedback and answers to your most pressing questions.

✔ Our member-only forum is chock-full of thousands of answers to the most frequently asked questions (and supportive members), plus, you can ask new ones and get my feedback personally (just make sure to tag me). 

✔ We have a community inside our own TBL Social App where you can ask questions, get involved, and access news, updates, live videos, tips, advice and so much more. 

Value ($499)

TBL Insiders Podcast

Continue your education with weekly resources, videos, workshops, and guides.

✔ While you’re working through the curriculum, we’ll send you a new resource every single week to sharpen your marketing and business skills. 

✔ You’ll never fall behind on what’s ‘working now” in the world of online marketing because we’ll keep you in the know. Not to mention, you’ll access our own #BehindTheBusinessLounge series so you can take a peek at how we run our own marketing, our wins and all of our failures too.

✔ Plus, we’re constantly listening so you can request a new resource anytime and we’ll add it to our resource schedule.

The Business Lounge
For A Limited Time

TBL annual

Access Pass


or $3,000 for Lifetime Access


Instant Access To Our Proprietary Marketing Success Path For Each Phase Of Your Business


Instant Access To Additional Training inside our Course Library with 30+ Business-Building Programs


Ask Us Questions In The Community App


Connect, Learn & Document Your Progress In Our Member-Only Forum


Attend Monthly Live Workshops


Access Member-Only Challenges


Access Our Curated Resource Vault



Bonus #1: Trello Content Calendar Template + Content Bank Template ($500 Value)


Bonus #2: Instagram Reels Templates ($300 Value)


Bonus #3: Chat GPT Prompts ($300 Value)


Selling on Social Media Training (Value $500)


Social Media Audit (Personalized Video By Kim & Chris) (Value $1,500)


Group Coaching


Includes Lifetime Access to TBL


EVERYTHING included in The Annual Access Pass


Lifetime Access to The Business Lounge



One Year of TBL+ Group Coaching


Meet with us LIVE 2x per month for Zoom Sessions with Kim, Chris, Bryan in a small group setting to build your marketing system!


Follow A Structured Marketing Systems Curriculum, implement in real-time, and collaborate with other TBL+ members in our Breakout Pods, so you can get clarity and those 'aha' moments faster.


Private Access to our Group Voxer Thread for ongoing masterminding with your fellow TBL+ Members, PLUS an occassional Bonus Resource Drop from Kim + Chris.


Access to ALL Replays in case you have to miss a Session along the worries, we got you!


You'll also get Done-For-You, Templates, PDFs, Swipe Files & more to make this your best year yet!



Bonus #1: Trello Content Calendar Template + Content Bank Template ($500 Value)


Bonus #2: Instagram Reels Templates ($300 Value)


Bonus #3: Chat GPT Prompts ($300 Value)


Selling on Social Media Training (Value $500)


Social Media Audit (Personalized Video By Kim & Chris)

Fast-Action Bonuses

Selling On Social Media

Value: $500

Grab my brand new ‘Social Sales Scripts’ for selling on social media & via your content SEAMLESSLY even if you have a tiny audience and without being salesy.

Say goodbye to the awkwardness of hard-selling and hello to a smooth, conversational approach that feels natural and engaging.

Social Media Audit by
Kim & Chris

Value: $1,500

Unlock the full potential of your social media presence with the exclusive audit.

Get personalized insights and a tailored strategy to elevate your content marketing efforts.

We’ll delve into your current approach and identify the key areas where you can enhance your interactions, broaden your reach, and truly connect with your audience.

Free Bonuses

Trello Content Calendar Template + Content Bank

Value: $500

Use my very own unique Content Calendar Template to plan, organize and stay consistent with your content…

Plus we’ve added an entire Content Bank you can refer to for content we’ve used in a real business that has worked to drive real engagement and customers.

Never get stuck again not knowing what to post or falling out of consistency.

Instagram Reels Templates

Value: $300

Use our professionally curated and crafted Reels Templates to wow your audience in no-time.

These can be edited to fit your brand in just minutes to create eye-popping Instagram magic.

You can also re-purpose them for Facebook or YouTube Shorts!

ChatGPT Prompts Guide

Value: $300

Get your content done FASTER and understand how to use ChatGPT the RIGHT way.

AI is a powerful tool for content creation, but it’s important you understand how to leverage it the right way.

This prompt guide will teach you how we recommend using ChatGPT to get your content done in no time, and stand out with your audience.

And Our Full Course Library Is Constantly Growing…

In addition to our wildly popular Marketing Success Path…
You also get access to Over $9,000 worth of top-of-the-line business &
marketing courses and training when you join.

($199 Value)

Learn to plan, organize, schedule, and repurpose your content like a true media company.

($499 Value)

Go from idea to profitable launch in 30 days or less and start expanding your reach.

($499 Value)

How does social media fit into your bottom line? We answer this question & more.

($499 Value)

Power-up your traffic & get your ideal clients to come to you on autopilot.

($499 Value)

Grow your business authentically with proven + practical Instagram strategies.

($499 Value)

Leverage Pinterest to drive traffic & generate organic leads through search.

($499 Value)

Build a recurring traffic plan so you can attract the right buyers, and sell consistently

($799 Value)

Drive more traffic, increase your leads and boost your sales with our A-Z Facebook Ads Course.

($599 Value)

Leverage blogging to establish yourself as an authority, drive more traffic, capture more leads and convert them into paying clients.

($499 Value)

Launch and grow a profitable show that actually moves the needle in our business.

($499 Value)

Uncover timeless principles for turning any financial crisis into an opportunity to prosper.

($499 Value)

Everything you need to start, grow, and build a business with YouTube marketing

($999 Value)

Start turning leads into buyers on auto-pilot with profitable sales funnels that work while you sleep.

($299 Value)

Streaming with a DSLR? Using multiple camera angles? Discover how to level-up your live streams now!

($499 Value)

Find, vet, hire and train your first (or next) VA abroad and start delegating like a pro.

($799 Value)

Drive more traffic, increase your leads and boost your sales with our A-Z Facebook Ads Course.

($99 Value)

Design a social content strategy with easy-to-implement formulas & never run out of engaging posts.

($499 Value)

Structure email campaigns, automate sequences, run flash sales & grow on autopilot.

($99 Value)

Create irresistible lead magnets that build your email list on
auto-pilot & prime subscribers for the sale.

($499 Value)

Design lucrative webinar systems both live or evergreen that convert into sales.

($199 Value)

Painlessly design a stunning WordPress website in a weekend
using our favorite theme builder, Divi.

($199 Value)

Inject cash flow into your company with carefully crafted promos. Proven templates included!

($199 Value)

Set intentions & break down business, financial + personal goals into tangible initiatives (planner included).

($199 Value)

Leverage Mailerlite effectively to
send targeted email marketing campaigns to your email list.

($199 Value)

Send targeted emails that actually get delivered with our favorite email marketing tool.

($199 Value)

Discover how to grow your business with LinkedIn inside this exclusive workshop.

($199 Value)

Position your brand in the marketplace, standing out, and find your pricing “sweet spot.”

($499 Value)

Write sales pages that turn web visitors into buyers in
12 simple steps.

($199 Value)

Run a profitable promotion & implement it inside our boot-camp style course.

($399 Value)

Grow your email list from scratch with quality subscribers organically using social media & content marketing.

($399 Value)

Create a high-converting lead magnet that will convert site visitors to actual customers.

($499 Value)

Discover exactly how to find money-making opportunities and simple hacks to improve sales on autopilot.

($199 Value)

Set up yor telegram channel with confidence.

($499 Value)

Turn your goals into a clear & strategic business plan & achieve more this year.

($499 Value)

Insider secrets to capture more leads & close more sales with confidence.

($399 Value)

Protect & position your business with integrity during a crisis.

($199 Value)

Watch how we critique other business websites & get ideas to improve your own.

($499 Value)

Big ideas to turn your content into a business with confidence.

($199 Value)

End the year strong without compromising on spending time with family & friends.

($399 Value)

Dr. Kerulis breaks down practical strategies for high achievers.

($499 Value)

Kiss the burnout cycle goodbye with these 5 simple steps.

($199 Value)

Need to craft emails that convert? Watch us critique member emails in real time.

($199 Value)

Craft a profitable sales page by watching other members’ pages being provided with practical tips for improvement.

($499 Value)

Discover a practical content blueprint for product-based businesses.

($199 Value)

Level up your lead magnets by watching how we critique others’ in real time.

($499 Value)

Nail Facebook live streams & incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

($499 Value)

Build your list & launch a product seamlessly with your first or next challenge!

($499 Value)

Tap into the biggest sale day of the year and sell offers like hot cakes.

The Testimonials Are In

Here’s what our members have to say…

Look. If all The Business Lounge did was give you the confidence to leverage online marketing to boost your sales, would it be worth it?




If all it did was build an audience of buyers who can’t wait to purchase your products over and over again, would it be worth it? Absolutely. 

And if all it did was give you peace of mind so the next time you hit a wall with your company you could rest assured that you have a proven business model, would it be worth it? No doubt. 

If you’ve read this entire letter up to this point you’re probably wondering, “Okay, Kim, I’m in but what’s the damage? How much are you charging for the program?”

I’d be lying if I told you that creating this program didn’t cost me. I’ve spent years, countless hours, and tens of thousands of dollars coaching thousands of students to create a proven framework that just works.


And because I’m in the trenches with you, answering your questions, giving your personalized feedback and support five days per week, I know we could easily charge ten times more for this program (especially since our competitors do).

But we’re not going to do that because even though it would still be less expensive than hiring a business coach, it wouldn’t be accessible for most solopreneurs (I know it wasn’t back then for me).

So… What Can
The Business Lounge
Do For You?

Whether you want to turn your side hustle into your full-time business, take your established company to the next level or scale to new heights, The Business Lounge will help you…


Leverage proven marketing strategies so you can attract dream clients and increase your profits.


Grow an audience of buyers (not just followers) that come back for more time and time again.


Get clear on your brand vision so you attract your people and build an empire by your own design.


Optimize your entire marketing strategy to focus on conversions vs. vanity metrics.


Focus your time & energy on the right strategies, get unstuck and leverage momentum to grow. #byeshinyobjects


Master proven marketing strategies so you can confidently sell MORE online.


Position yourself as the go-to person in your field, and charge what you're worth with integrity.


Create a productivity workflow that prioritizes your time and allows you to work on what matters.


Build your traffic and get in front of your ideal clients so you can grow your leads and get more sales.


Learn to delegate to a team and get back your time so you can focus on the things that truly matter.


Hey, you! We’re Kim & Chris

A husband and wife team and over the last decade, we’ve built 2 seven-figure businesses (one local, one online) before we turned 30 by using smart content marketing systems.

Our goal has always been to build a legacy for our future children and break generational cycles in our family by creating freedom in EVERY area of our lives.

It’s enabled us to quit the rat race in corporate America, buy back our time freedom, and build purpose-driven & profitable businesses with an online platform that’s reached over 5 million people.

We’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs (30,000+ to be exact) through our coaching programs to do the same, and now it’s your turn.

We want to help you build smart content marketing systems that grow your sales, increase your revenue streams, and give you your time back.


Because we only want to attract serious entrepreneurs into the community, can you get a refund within 14-days of purchase when you complete at least 1 complete course and turn in your homework.

Otherwise, you’re welcome to cancel your Annual Plan any time.

IMPORTANT: To be clear, homework completion within 14 days of purchase is required to process a refund.

Have a question? Use the web chat on this page to get transparent answers.

Read The FAQs

1. I’m super busy, how much time do I need to invest to get results?

We get that, which is why we create The Marketing Success Path.

It’s a clear action plan that will help you only focus on courses that are relevant to your business stage. If you dedicate as little as 1 hour per week to learning + implementing, you’ll be golden.

2. I’m taking other courses right now, is this something that I can “layer” on top of other training materials?

Absolutely! While The Business Lounge is designed to stand on its own, we get that you’ve made prior commitments to your continued education (go you!), and everything you learn inside will build on your existing skills. Plus, Kim’s always available inside the community if you need help marrying concepts from other courses into the program.

3. Does the price ever go up?

Heck, yes! But ONLY for new members (not existing ones like you). As we add new resources to the membership and the value increases, so does our pricing. This means the longer you’re a member, the more valuable your membership becomes!

4. Is this only for course-creators?

Heck, no! Our members are incredibly diverse. From running service-based companies to e-commerce brands to brick & mortar shops or a combination of all three, you’ll feel right at home.

5. I’m currently traveling – are there any options for me?

Yes! The content is accessible instantly on your favorite devices. From your laptop to a tablet or phone, you’ll be able to access the community and learn on the go, 24/7.

6. Is this only for beginners?

We’re proud to say, many of our members make over seven figures per year and continue to be a part of our community because of the advanced education element.

So whether you’re in the ideas stage or a savvy entrepreneur, we have you covered.

The only exception may apply for veteran marketers who also teach online courses (a.k.a. our competitors).

7. How often is the training updated?

Every single month we have new workshops, courses, or dedicated training in the community, so the content is always fresh, and you access the latest strategies & tactics.

8. Can I purchase courses separately?

Except for our End of Year Sale, none of our courses are available for purchase outside of the membership, but if they were, your investment would be 5X-10X based on the value each course provides.

9. What if it’s not right for me?

Glad you asked! All sales are final but you may cancel the membership going forward, anytime.

10. Is there a contract?

Nope. Just like your favorite on-demand streaming service, you can cancel anytime! Just make sure to email or chat us at least 24 hrs before your next renewal to avoid being billed. Renewals are non-refundable.

11. Are there other plans available?

Yes! You can join our annual pass too and save $200 or our lifetime pass and save $500.

12. Is this a female-only community?

While The Business Lounge is proudly female-led, owned, and operated, we love our dudes and many of our members are guys too! Kim’s husband Chris joins her monthly Coaching Calls so both male and female perspectives work synergistically.

Have more questions? Use our in-page chat located on the left hand side of this page!

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