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Free Gift #1:

Content Calendar

Create A Kick-Butt Content Calendar Course

Value: $500

It’s the ultimate step-by-step plan for publishing highly engaging content that gets attention for your brand without wasting hours on end brainstorming content ideas or always creating new content from scratch.

I’ve sold this course to over 20,000 students who give it glowing reviews, and it’s now yours absolutely FREE!

Free Gift #2:

Content Map

The Content Map Workshop

Value: $500

Create 30 days of Irresistible Content that sets up your offers perfectly so you’re always attracting ideal clients who want to buy what you’re selling vs. freebie seekers who consume all your free stuff, but never buy.

This is my secret formula for creating content that’s BOTH popular and profitable – it’s now yours completely FREE!

Free Gift #3:

Free Gift #4:

Trello Content Calendar Template + Content Bank

Value: $500

Steal my personal Content Calendar Template to plan, organize, and stay consistent with your content on my favorite free app, Trello…

Plus, we’ve added an entire Content Bank so you can save your social media posts and recycle them effortlessly.

Never get stuck again, not knowing what to post about or ghosting your audience because creating content takes too much time! 

Instagram Reels Templates

Value: $300

Unlock our professionally designed Reel Templates and make your Instagram Reel videos a breeze.

Wow your audience in no time & we even included 4 Faceless video templates, so you don’t even need to be on camera!

Customize these templates to match your brand in just minutes and create stunning Instagram magic.

Plus, you can repurpose them for Facebook or YouTube Shorts too!

Free Gift #5:

ChatGPT Prompts Guide

Value: $300

ChatGPT is a powerful tool for content creation, but only if you know how to use it!

It’s kind of like having an ultra-fast racecar full of sheer energy & potential, but if you don’t know how to steer it in the right direction, and hone its full potential, it’s aimless.

Our ChatGPT Cheat Codes teach you how to ‘drive’ AI like a pro, so you can get the most out of ChatGPT, speed up your content creation, and get content done FAST.

Here’s Everything You Get
When You Say ‘Maybe’ Today…

Monthly Live Marketing Workshop With Kim & Chris ………………………………… $1,000 Value

The Marketing Success Path ……………………………………………………………….. $2,000 Value

30+ On-Demand Marketing Courses …………………………………………………….. $10,000 Value

✅ Member’s Only Community App ………………………………………………………….. $1,000 Value

Member’s Only Insider’s Podcast …………………………………………………………. $1,000 Value

✅ BONUS #1: Create A Kick-Butt Content Calendar Course …………………… $500 Value

✅ BONUS #2: The Content Map Workshop………………………………………….. $500 Value

✅ BONUS #3: 10 Instagram Reel Video Templates…………………. …………….$300 Value

✅ BONUS #4: My Personal Trello Content Calendar Template ………………. $200 Value

✅ BONUS #5: The Ultimate Chat GPT Prompts To 5x Your Content …………. $100 Value

Monthly Live Marketing Workshop ……. $1,000 Value

Marketing Success Path ……………………………. $2,000 Value

30+ On-Demand Marketing Courses …………. $10,000 Value

✅ Member’s Only Community App ………….. $1,000 Value

Member’s Only Insider’s Podcast ………….. $1,000 Value

✅ BONUS #1: Create A Kick-Butt Content Calendar Course …………………… $500 Value

✅ BONUS #2: The Content Map Workshop………………………………………….. $500 Value

✅ BONUS #3: 10 Instagram Reel Video Templates…………………. …………….$300 Value

✅ BONUS #4: My Personal Trello Content Calendar Template ………………. $200 Value

✅ BONUS #5: The Ultimate Chat GPT Prompts To 5x Your Content …………. $100 Value

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Our Binge-Worthy Course Library
Is Calling Your Name…

Turn content into customers consistently with $9,000 worth of top-of-the-line content marketing courses waiting for you to dive in…

($199 Value)

Learn to plan, organize, schedule, and repurpose your content like a true media company.

($499 Value)

Go from idea to profitable launch in 30 days or less and start expanding your reach.

($499 Value)

How does social media fit into your bottom line? We answer this question & more.

($499 Value)

Power-up your traffic & get your ideal clients to come to you on autopilot.

($499 Value)

Grow your business authentically with proven + practical Instagram strategies.

($499 Value)

Leverage Pinterest to drive traffic & generate organic leads through search.

($499 Value)

Build a recurring traffic plan so you can attract the right buyers, and sell consistently

($799 Value)

Drive more traffic, increase your leads and boost your sales with our A-Z Facebook Ads Course.

($599 Value)

Leverage blogging to establish yourself as an authority, drive more traffic, capture more leads and convert them into paying clients.

($499 Value)

Launch and grow a profitable show that actually moves the needle in our business.

($499 Value)

Uncover timeless principles for turning any financial crisis into an opportunity to prosper.

($499 Value)

Everything you need to start, grow, and build a business with YouTube marketing

($999 Value)

Start turning leads into buyers on auto-pilot with profitable sales funnels that work while you sleep.

($299 Value)

Streaming with a DSLR? Using multiple camera angles? Discover how to level-up your live streams now!

($499 Value)

Find, vet, hire and train your first (or next) VA abroad and start delegating like a pro.

($799 Value)

Drive more traffic, increase your leads and boost your sales with our A-Z Facebook Ads Course.

($99 Value)

Design a social content strategy with easy-to-implement formulas & never run out of engaging posts.

($499 Value)

Structure email campaigns, automate sequences, run flash sales & grow on autopilot.

($99 Value)

Create irresistible lead magnets that build your email list on
auto-pilot & prime subscribers for the sale.

($499 Value)

Design lucrative webinar systems both live or evergreen that convert into sales.

($199 Value)

Painlessly design a stunning WordPress website in a weekend
using our favorite theme builder, Divi.

($199 Value)

Inject cash flow into your company with carefully crafted promos. Proven templates included!

($199 Value)

Set intentions & break down business, financial + personal goals into tangible initiatives (planner included).

($199 Value)

Leverage Mailerlite effectively to
send targeted email marketing campaigns to your email list.

($199 Value)

Send targeted emails that actually get delivered with our favorite email marketing tool.

($199 Value)

Discover how to grow your business with LinkedIn inside this exclusive workshop.

($199 Value)

Position your brand in the marketplace, standing out, and find your pricing “sweet spot.”

($499 Value)

Write sales pages that turn web visitors into buyers in
12 simple steps.

($199 Value)

Run a profitable promotion & implement it inside our boot-camp style course.

($399 Value)

Grow your email list from scratch with quality subscribers organically using social media & content marketing.

($399 Value)

Create a high-converting lead magnet that will convert site visitors to actual customers.

($499 Value)

Discover exactly how to find money-making opportunities and simple hacks to improve sales on autopilot.

($199 Value)

Set up yor telegram channel with confidence.

($499 Value)

Turn your goals into a clear & strategic business plan & achieve more this year.

($499 Value)

Insider secrets to capture more leads & close more sales with confidence.

($399 Value)

Protect & position your business with integrity during a crisis.

($199 Value)

Watch how we critique other business websites & get ideas to improve your own.

($499 Value)

Big ideas to turn your content into a business with confidence.

($199 Value)

End the year strong without compromising on spending time with family & friends.

($399 Value)

Dr. Kerulis breaks down practical strategies for high achievers.

($499 Value)

Kiss the burnout cycle goodbye with these 5 simple steps.

($199 Value)

Need to craft emails that convert? Watch us critique member emails in real time.

($199 Value)

Craft a profitable sales page by watching other members’ pages being provided with practical tips for improvement.

($499 Value)

Discover a practical content blueprint for product-based businesses.

($199 Value)

Level up your lead magnets by watching how we critique others’ in real time.

($499 Value)

Nail Facebook live streams & incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.

($499 Value)

Build your list & launch a product seamlessly with your first or next challenge!

($499 Value)

Tap into the biggest sale day of the year and sell offers like hot cakes.

What if you could go from ‘posting & praying’ your content gets found,
to posting & seeing your profits grow?!

But let’s not stop there…


What if you could spend LESS time on social media & creating content and instead invest that time serving more customers, taking care of the people in your life, or being more present with your family?


How would it feel if you got SO good at marketing with content that you start effortlessly attracting the people you were meant to serve with your God-given talents, and make a real impact in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people?


What would happen if over the next six months you CHOOSE profitability over popularity and started creating content that grows your business whether you’re working or out taking the kiddos on a picnic?

This isn’t a fairytale… It’s possible and I know this because, over the past 10+ years, I’ve lived it both in my own business AND by helping 33,000 students build a business with powerful marketing systems that get clients & customers to come to them (not the other way around).

What’s Waiting
Inside When You Join

Success Path

Value ($2,000)

Our Proven Framework:

The Marketing
Success Path 2.0

Creating content and selling online doesn’t come with a handbook, so we created one! Get clarity and build your content system in 5 stages.

✔ Find YOUR Stage In The 5 Stage Success Path to building your content marketing system and grow your leads & sales seamlessly through content!

✔ Get Short, Bite-Sized Videos, And Plug-And-Play Templates to build your content marketing system easier and faster.

✔ Know Exactly What To Work On Based On Your Business Model and where you’re at in your content marketing journey.

TBL Courses

Value ($10,000+)

The Course Library:

30+ Content Creation Courses

We’ll teach you all the business + marketing skills.

✔ Dive instantly into the step-by-step process for mastering your marketing + business skills inside our ever-growing library of 30+ specialized marketing & business courses.

✔ Whether you’re brand, spankin’ new to the business world or a seasoned marketer, our courses will help you build a foundation and take your marketing game to the next level.

✔ Plus, each course builds on the next, so you won’t find contradicting or confusing advice.

Live Workshops

Value ($1,000)

Implement In Real Time:

Live Monthly Workshops

We’ll train you along the way and help you implement.✔ With LIVE, monthly workshops where we help you bust through obstacles and give you personalized business advice, you’ll never feel stuck or alone.

✔ Find an accountability partner to bounce ideas with, implement new strategies and get motivated to complete projects.

✔ Take our certification tests after completing our core courses and build your marketing portfolio.

TBL Social

Value ($1,000)

Join The Community:

Get Plugged In

Get personalized feedback and answers to your most pressing questions.

✔ Our member-only forum is chock-full of thousands of answers to the most frequently asked questions (and supportive members), plus, you can ask new ones and get my feedback personally (just make sure to tag me). 

✔ We have a community inside our own TBL Social App where you can ask questions, get involved, and access news, updates, live videos, tips, advice and so much more. 

Insiders Podcast

Value ($499)

TBL Insiders Podcast

Continue your education with the member-only monthly podcast!

✔ Gain exclusive access to our BRAND NEW Insiders Podcast, available only to TBL Members and conveniently hosted within the TBL Social App!

✔ Join Kim and Chris in each episode as they unveil their ‘TOP SECRETS’ on navigating the competitive business landscape, conquering overwhelm, adapting to global changes, and much more!

✔ With this ‘Insider Info’ being a TBL Community exclusive, you’re already steps ahead of the competition by simply tuning in!

The Testimonials Are In

Here’s what our members have to say…

So To Recap… When You Say ‘Maybe’ To Joining The Business Lounge…

You’ll Unlock The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever
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30+ On-Demand Marketing Courses ($10,000 Value)

Monthly Live Marketing Workshops With Kim & Chris (1,000 Value)

The Marketing Success Path ($500 Value)

Member’s Only Insider’s Podcast ($1,000 Value)

Members Only Community App ($1,000 Value)

✨ Bonus #1: Create A Kick-Butt Content Calendar Course ($500 Value)

✨ Bonus #2: The Irresistible Content Map Workshop ($500 Value)

✨ Bonus #3: 10 Instagram Reel Video Templates ($300 Value)

✨ Bonus #4: My Personal Trello Content Calendar Template ($200 Value)

✨ Bonus #5: The Ultimate chat GPT Promps ($100 Value)

Total Value: $15,100

Today’s Total: $15,100

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You're READY to grow your business SIGNIFICANTLY over the next year.


You want to market your business (or business idea) online through content marketing.


You're open to new & exciting ways of creating & positioning your content.


You sell services, courses, memberships, digital products or a combination of the three.


You're ready to make social media and online marketing work for you (not the other way around).


Your end-goal with content marketing is to serve more people, not just be popular on the internet.


You know content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and you're committed to the journey!

Whether you’re just getting started with content marketing, or you’ve been at it for a while, The Business Lounge is SPECIFICALLY for online-based entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers, and coaches in the service digital-product space who want to grow with content at ANY stage!



Your only goal is to be social media famous.


You have no intention of growing or launching a business at some point.


You sell physical products or run a brick and mortar store.


You just want to be perpetually learning, not implementing.


You care more about likes & engagement than finding and serving more people.


You have a know-it-all attitude.

It’s time to go from ‘posting & praying’ your content gets found,
to posting & seeing your profits grow. Let’s make it happen!

Join Us Inside The Business Lounge & Unlock $1,698 Worth Of Free Gifts!

Before the timer on this page ends, you’ll unlock The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever, PLUS 5 full days of access to over 30+ marketing courses for just $7!

Let me take you by the hand and help you achieve real,
tangible results over the next 90 days & beyond!


Have a question that’s not listed? Use the chat bubble on this page to chat with a real human. 😉

1. I’m super busy, how much time do I need to invest to get results?

We get that, which is why we create The Marketing Success Path.

It’s a clear action plan that will help you only focus on courses that are relevant to your business stage. If you dedicate as little as 1 hour per week to learning + implementing, you’ll be golden.

2. I’m taking other courses right now, is this something that I can “layer” on top of other training materials?


While The Business Lounge is designed to stand on its own, we get that you’ve made prior commitments to your continued education (go you!), and everything you learn inside will build on your existing skills.

Plus, Kim, Chris, and our entire Kim + Co. Team is always available inside the community if you need help marrying concepts from other courses into the program.

3. Does the price ever go up?

Heck, yes! But ONLY for new members (not existing ones like you).

As we add new resources to the membership and the value increases, so does our pricing. This means the longer you’re a member, the more valuable your membership becomes!

4. Is this only for course-creators?

Heck, no! Our members are incredibly diverse. 

The Business Lounge is specifically designed for online businesses that are service-based or that sell courses, memberships, services, digital products, or a hybrid combination. 

But even if you don’t fit into that box, you’re always welcome here.

5. I’m currently traveling – are there any options for me?

Yes! The content is accessible instantly on your favorite devices. From your laptop to a tablet or phone, you’ll be able to access the community and learn on the go, 24/7.

6. Is this only for beginners?

We’re proud to say, that many of our members are six and seven-figure earners, and continue to be a part of our community because we’re constantly pouring into our members with new strategies & proven advice.

So whether you’re in the ideas stage or a savvy entrepreneur, as long as you’re in the online space, we have you covered.

The only exception may apply to veteran marketers who also teach online courses (a.k.a. our competitors – stop spying on our stuff, we see you! Jk! But, seriously….😂😆).

7. How often is the training updated?

Every single month we have new workshops, courses, or dedicated training in the community, so the content is always fresh, and you access the latest strategies & tactics.

8. Can I purchase courses separately?

Except for Blogging For Business ($500), none of our courses are available for purchase outside of the membership, but if they were, your investment would be 5X-10X based on the value each course provides.

9. What if it’s not right for me?

Glad you asked! That’s why you get to test-drive it. All sales are final but you may cancel the membership going forward, anytime.

10. Is there a contract?

Nope. Just like your favorite on-demand streaming service, you can cancel anytime by going to your account page and clicking on the ‘cancel’ button. You can also contact our support team via our live chat, or our help desk if you need assistance.
Renewals are non-refundable.

11. Are there other plans available?

Yes! You can join our annual pass too and save $200 or our lifetime pass and save $2,000.

12. Is this a female-only community?

While The Business Lounge proudly serves 99% females, we welcome men too! 

Kim & Chris lead the courses, live workshops, and the Insider’s Podcast jointly, so both male and female perspectives work synergistically to double the value to your business (and they have a BLAST doing it – so you’ll enjoy the fun vibes while you learn & implement too).

Have more questions? Use our in-page chat located on the bottom, right-hand side of this page!

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